In the heart of our 70 hectares private domain, located 45 kilometers south-east of Paris, the Faisanderie of Château d’Aunoy and its English Park can be yours for one day, one evening.


Every summer (June, July and September) by appointment only, you can discover the delights of this private domain and especially its English Park the first to be designed in France. (We charge for group visits)

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We welcome you and your guests, up to 250 people, in the heart of the private salons of the Faisanderie of Château d’Aunoy. You will enjoy the English Park for all your photos as souvenirs of a magical moment or simply to take a romantic stroll with your loved ones. The Château and its English Park may be rented for exceptional events but only on request.

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Mr et Mme Tapiau
Château d’Aunoy – 77720 Champeaux
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